Advantages of

Comparison of advantages and disadvantages
of the most common ways of car washing


Automyčka Express is a smart concept which enables professional hand washing while maximizing time and all advantages of a shopping center.

  • Maximum time saving

    We are aware that the most precious commodity in the world is your time. Thanks to the information system we track the washing programs down to minutes. You have a full visibility over the program completion via SMS. We strive to make your life brighter and more comfortable.

  • The best locations

    We are located at the best addresses in shopping centers where you can use your time effectively. Free parking during the car washing is provided. You do not have to take care of anything and can go straight to do your shopping.

  • Fast and easy booking

    Whether online or by phone, it takes a few seconds and your slot is guaranteed as you wish. If you are not too much in a hurry, you can also come to us without prior booking.

  • The environment

    We care about our planet. All our carwashes have their own sewage disposal plant. We are a certified ecological operation and we do not burden the environment. Thanks to smart technology, we use less than 10 liters of recycled water per one car.

  • Fair Play

    In everything we do, we strive to be the best and the most transparent. If something goes wrong, we apologize and rectify it immediately. Our smart camera system monitors that your car is taken care of as it should. We have been here for you every day for 14 years and we ensure an individual approach to every one of you. Thanks to this we have hand washed more than 1 million vehicles.

  • Therefore, we use the most modern processes and expensive cleaning products of the highest quality. As the first in the Czech Republic, we have introduced nanotechnologies into car washing. We continue to improve cleaning agents as well as our washing processes. We are the only company certified by European norms ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.

  • disadvantages

    Higher price?
    - Try to calculate how much washing your car yourself costs you. You need to wash the exterior, dry it carefully with a chamois cloth, vacuum, buy all products to clean plastics and windows, polishes, waxes, etc. We are now close to the cost of one thousand or perhaps more.
    - You will have to find a place where you will not pollute the environment. And where in winter?
    - You will have to spend your time, effort on washing and you have to know how to do it. Is the result always 100%?

    In you will get everything listed above for your money. In addition, it will be without work, loss of time, at the premium location, 365 days a year, in high quality. All easy, fast and with no worries. You don’t have to come to us every day but your car deserves a quality hand care at least once a month. The investment will pay off in spades. The car will look like new and you can sell it better.

Brushes scratch the body paint

Already after one use of a carwash with brushes even if they are softer, the modern car paint can get scratched! The brushes may contain small stones from previously washed cars and can cause even greater damage.

  • Without cleaning the interior

    The car’s interior must be cleaned separately. However, clean interior should be paid utmost attention to. Remember that inside the car you breathe all in: dust, dirt, bacteria, etc.

  • Washing without good drying

    Worse quality not only of washing but also drying. The principle of a carwash with brushes does not allow complete washing and drying of the car. This concerns in particular thresholds, wheel wells and rear doors, good washing of disc wheels, etc.

  • Uncomfortable for SUVs

    In case of large cars, entering a carwash with brushes is more challenging. It is impossible to go through a carwash with a roof box, bike holder and other accessories.

  • Waste of time

    Average car washing takes more than 10 minutes. If you are in a queue with 5 cars in front of you, you will lose an entire hour on a simple wash!

  • Advantages of a carwash with brushes

    Cheaper than hand washing. Available at most petrol stations.

Self-service carwash

You have to wash your car yourself, using a high-pressure gun, which is physical demanding and very unpleasant in bad weather. The result may be not be the best and if you do not have the experience, there is a risk of scratching the paint. You can then blame only yourself.

  • Waste of time, physical strain

    Unnecessary waste of time and physical strain. You can use your time more efficiently if professionals clean your car in the meantime. In addition, it requires certain grip and knowledge otherwise you can scratch your car more than when using a carwash with brushes.

  • No drying

    Drying must be considered! A car that is not dried will never be 100% clean or shiny. Visible dried drops degrade the result.

  • No interior cleaning

    This is just a basic exterior wash. More advanced cleaning, such as rug and air conditioning cleaning, waxing using nanowaxes, polishing of chrome parts, is not considered. You need to buy products and do the cleaning yourself.

  • Environmental burden

    Self-service carwashes are less environmentally friendly. They do not have their own waste treatment plants unlike car washes in shopping centers.

  • Limited use depending on the weather

    It is for example impossible to carry out washing in the freezing winter weather when there is a risk of injury on a frozen surface.

  • Advantages of a self-service carwash

    Cheap and relatively fast basic washing. Unfortunately, “you only get what you pay for” applies here. And you pay for your own work.

Door-to-door hand washing „without water“

This method was developed for the market in the Middle East and Arab countries where the climate is dry and water expensive. It is therefore intended primarily for the removal of light dry dust, which is ineffective in our very different climate.

  • Damage by waterless washing

    Waterless washing is based on a principle of rubbing away all dirt from the car body but you also rub the paint off! If waterless washing, then only by using a “miraculous detergent”. There is a risk of scratching the paint.

  • Securing a place to wash a car

    You need to make time in advance and be present during washing. It is important to find your own well-lit place where you need to anticipate fouling.

  • Waste of time

    Waterless washing requires much more time than washing with water.

  • Low effectiveness

    In our latitudes the most effective washing is with pressure water. If you drive into a muddy puddle, the only way to wash the dirt is with pressure water. There is no other way here.

  • Environment + waste

    Although operators boast their ecological approach, the opposite is true. It is often a tool how to work around all environmental, hygienic, complaint, tax, legal and labor regulations which are strictly required at brick-and-mortar carwashes and in general for all brick-and-mortar services. Do you know how and where the waste generated during car washing is disposed of? And this is not only about water.

  • Hard to raise a complaint

    How and with whom will you resolve a future complaint regarding car damage? What will happen if something gets lost from your car or garage? How are these companies insured for possible paint damage and damage compensation? Where will you file your complaint for damage?

  • Unprofessional service

    This method is usually offered here by amateurs who do not have sufficient experience, understanding or funds to start their own brick-and-mortar carwash center. They offer their services door to door, which can be very risky as they interfere with your vehicle which cost thousands and your privacy.

  • High price

    High price. Considering the same and sometimes even a higher price than at a brick-and-mortar carwash there is no meaningful cost saving.

  • Advantages of door-to-door car washing

    The carwash will come to your home. The question is whether this is an advantage considering the mentioned points.

Unbranded hand carwash with an operator

Unbranded carwashes are mostly available on the outskirts, at unbranded petrol stations and also often at home in the backyard. It is necessary to harmonize the car collection with the day of washing, which may not be possible.

  • Long washing time

    Therefore, a loss of time and long unnecessary wait, and you may have to arrange a courtesy car.

  • Booking according to a carwash schedule

    You must adapt to the limited operational hours of a carwash which is typically closed over the weekends.

  • Non-transparent prices

    Impossible to pay by card or invoice. Non-transparent or confusing price list.
    Limited acceptance of payment and CCS cards.

  • Unsuitable operation with no innovation

    Mostly old and neglected facilities. No innovation. Using cheap poor-quality cleaning products.

  • Violation of environmental regulations

    Frequent violation of environmental and safety regulations. Absence of a sewage disposal plant. Do you know how and where waste is disposed of that is generated when washing cars? And this is not just about water.

  • Hard to raise a complaint

    How and with whom will you resolve a future complaint regarding car damage? What will happen if something gets lost from your car or garage? How are these companies insured for possible paint damage and damage compensation? Where will you file your complaint for damage?

  • High price

    High price. Considering the same and sometimes even a higher price than at a brick-and-mortar carwashes there is no meaningful cost saving.

  • Advantages of an unbranded carwash

    Gentler car washing than the methods mentioned previously.
    Car is cleaned without your physical effort.