Fleet point

Fleet point
Car cleaning & Car management
for corporate fleets.

Fleet Point is a comprehensive program of quality hand care and logistics for companies and corporations.
Let’s not forget that a company car is always a business card of a company and creates a first impression.
And we will help you shine all the time.

  • Clear overview and cost control

    We are aware that the basis of every fleet is a clear record keeping and cost control which in the end will save the most precious commodity in the world – your time.

  • Unique information system – reduces your costs

    Thanks to our unique information system we are able to monitor in detail not only costs per an individual car or an employee, but we can also set up a schedule of regular hand cleaning for all your vehicles. In addition, your employees can use our entire network and they will get the same services everywhere. In case of cashless payments you do not have to worry about finances.

  • Recommended cycle of hand washing

    We generally recommend complete car hand washing at least once a month. For your information, after a company car is used for one month, the steering wheel and the interior are contaminated with bacteria, filth and dirt as in a public toilet. If you drive children or pets, then cleaning is even more important.

  • The best accessibility from your office

    AE is located exclusively in shopping centers and thanks to that we have the best accessibility to your office. You can store your car with us free of charge. We will arrange a pickup and return the car to the same location. If needed, we provide a courtesy car for you or give you a lift.

  • Monthly payments, by a voucher for employees or clients

    You can opt for monthly payments or advantageous pre-paid vouchers which you can distribute among your employees or clients. Our services are becoming increasingly popular as valuable benefits or rewards in case of more expensive cars.

  • Increase in effectiveness of an operating lease

    In the today’s world of operating leases, hand washing of the car exterior and interior as well as overall care are still underestimated. It is wrongly and widely believed that if a car is not mine, I only drive it and do not take care of it. The return of a vehicle may result in an unpleasant surprise. A scratched or neglected car can lead to penalties worth thousands and the advantage of the operating lease is gone forever. Save your money and have your car cleaned regularly. The more you have it washed, the cheaper our services are.